By: Pastor Ruth Adesina 

Hope is a compelling word, an awaiting word. It is a word that found its meaning in expectation and eagerness. Hope and the future go hand in hand. 

“For there is an end, and your expectation shall not be cut short.” (Proverbs 18:23)  

When I was a child, I hoped to be a pastor’s wife. Then, I wanted to become a doctor. We all have hoped for many things. Some hopes become a reality. Others are waiting to be a reality. No one controls the future, but God, the controller of time and season. Often our hope for the future is shattered by unexpected circumstances. 

For our hope for the future to come through:

  1. Trust in God, who controls both your life and future. 

  2. Be determined to become what you hope for. 

  3. Know that hard work is crucial. 

  4. Don’t forget that diligence is essential in achieving anything in life. 

Remember that hope gives us the comfort and inner strength we need to face life. Hope is a strength booster. 

“Hope for a better future” is what inspired many Africans in the diaspora to leave their home country and start a new life elsewhere. They hoped to become better and live a better life by utilizing the United States’ education system. I know many Africans who are now degree holders. However, before leaving their homeland, they never went to school. They are fulfilling their childhood dreams by working in their dream occupations and professions. Though it wasn’t easy, they endured and are better.

“Hope seeing is not hope, for how can someone hope for something he has already seen.” (Roman 1:24) 

Something you hoped for hasn’t reached your hand; it’s still in the making. Keep looking forward to it. Everyone uses the word hope, even little children. I often hear children say, “I hope mom or dad will get me this.” The child is looking forward to having what he hoped for.  

Hope is usually followed by desire. Desires might be fulfilled tomorrow or might take years to be fulfilled. Hope also dreams of what you want to be later in life or how you want your life to be. 

“…if we hope for what we do not yet have, we have to wait for it patiently.” (Romans 8:25)

Whatever you hope for, you must work for it to manifest. Do whatever humanly possible to make it happen. Some dreams may require you to study, acquire skills, learn new ways of doing things, or even move from familiar to unfamiliar. After you have done all you can, patience is a virtue you must adopt. 

Your attitude while waiting can determine or dictate whether you will receive what you are hoping for or not. A better future awaits those who hope in it and work to make it happen.