I Am

I Am

By: Hestah

I am exotic.

I am the power of words.

I am a poem of life.

I am Jazz.

I am cross-cultural.

I am a lover of beauty and pain to feel in every form.

I am a lonely girl craving sisters yet fearing their possible judgmental looks towards each other, every time I turn my back.

I am the calm before the storm, the absence of wind.

In a room full of sugar honey ice tea, I am brown sugar.

I am the art of the mind.

I am Milt Jackson’s vibraphone,

Building rapport,discourse and intensified coaction.

I am arguably the most stimulating art form.

I am the wordsmith, the mastermind, the creative.

I am the creator of life,

A delicate flower in the midst of a concrete jungle.

I am learning to find a balance between strength and softness, me and others, procrastination and focus, fear and confidence.

I am the energy of peace, hope, and inspiration.

I am Seemingly simple, yet inwardly complex and abstract.

I am filled with harmonic distortion as if looking through a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

I am the force of the ocean.

I am my language, only to be interpreted and understood by one.

I am pure genius.

I am eclectic.

I am made of riches and lined with gold.

I am splitting in half trying to please myself and my family.

I am the melody of the saxophone.

I am a poem of life.

I am Hestah.

~ The Hestah Team