By: Alan Valdez

My life went for a jog today

She is  walking towards you, breathe 

She is handing you a gift, breathe 

Your asking her to dinner, breathe

She’s telling you she likes you, breathe

You’re asking her to be your girlfriend, breathe

My life went for a jog today 

You’re meeting her parents, breathe

She’s meeting your mother, breathe 

When she comes to you with her worries, ask her to breathe

My life when for a jog today, came upon track 

My life took me to the starting line, the gun goes off

You panic, Then you hear “breathe,”

Take a breath, stand close to each other

Side by side

every step, every punch take a breath

Far in the lead, you trip.

Your partner stops, breathe 

Stand up, take a deep breath

Like clockwork once again. 

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