Jarry Lee - Model, Actress & Singer

Lee is a successful young self-made entrepreneur and influencer who went from being a Deputy Books Editor for BuzzFeed News to a model, actress, and singer. As a result, Jarry Lee has created a highly profitable social media business. Jarry has a following of over 1M+ across her verified social media platforms and was on the Netflix show Dating Around and in commercials for many big brands and companies like Bobbi Brown and Apple, to name a few.

Hestah Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with Jarry Lee to discuss her life as a businesswoman, and here's how it went:

Would you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

Yes, I've always considered myself a businesswoman first, and a creative second. I run my social media accounts as a business and am always looking for new ways to monetize my content and audience — for example, I recently launched an ironic clothing brand named after my cat Potato: www.potatopotatocult.com. Almost everything I do (including hobbies and interests) gets turned into digital content or incorporated into a revenue stream, which can get exhausting at times. But one of my major goals is to create more passive streams of income, so I'm happy to put in the work now in order to hopefully work less in the future.

How has moving frequently helped you adapt and succeed as an entrepreneur?

Living in different countries and cultures around the world has made me more open-minded and comfortable with befriending new people, which of course helps with business and networking. I like to think of myself as a bit of a professional chameleon who can adapt to many different environments.

How did the last two years affect you?

The beginning of the pandemic gave me a lot of much-needed free time, which I'm grateful for. I was able to focus on side projects and hobbies I hadn't had time to work on, like starting a cooking blog, painting, recording music, baking, etc. But since the end of 2020, my work picked back up to almost normal, and I've gotten even busier the past year as I'm expanding into new projects. It's interesting to see how everyone seems to be settling into new work routines and adjusting to virtual or remote work.

What inspires you?

I find myself inspired by others' creativity, whether in art, fashion, music, writing, etc. Beyond that, what motivates me are my long-term goals. I want to learn and do everything, and that drive has fueled me all my life.

Is there a future or a goal to have your modeling and editing skills combined?

I'm not sure I would combine the two, but I do plan on doing more writing work in the future. I started writing a book last year that I hope to finish over the next couple of years — about the intersection of AI, technology, loss, and grief.

Do you feel your career leaning towards one or two of your skills more than the rest?

Visual design definitely plays a large part in many of the projects I take on. And probably writing and editing skills as a close second.

With a busy schedule, is there a habit you developed to help turn an unproductive day around?

I like to think about giving my future self a break — about how getting a task done now means I won't have to do it later, or ever again, which helps motivate me if I'm feeling lazy. I also believe that it's never too late to start your day and recover some productivity, so even if you haven't done anything by evening, you still have a few hours left in the day/night to get started.

Given your experience in life and writing, are there plans to publish a book?

Yes, as mentioned before, I'm working on a novel, and then possibly some collections of essays, short stories, or poetry.

How important is your support system?

My partner and friends have been very supportive as my career evolved over the past few years, and I'm extremely grateful for their encouragement and belief in me. I believe that with any creative pursuits, having a support system is critical.

What do the next five years look like for you?

I hope to be doing more TV/film work, releasing a new album of music, a couple of new paintings, finishing writing a book, and launching more e-commerce brands. I also aspire to eventually own my own property, and to run a full marathon.

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