Little Girl Blue

Little Girl Blue

By: Divya Adu

“little girl blue”

If you only knew. .. 

what it took for me to get here. 

What it took for me to understand my fears 

You’d know that it wasn’t easy 

You’d know that 

Everything I have

 I worked to get and 

I’ve got wounds to show for it.

Little girl blue 

Little girl with sad eyes.

That little girl doesn’t feel pain anymore.

I’m a woman now.

I learned not to 

 trust anyone who doesn’t believe in love

They are the first to misuse your heart.

I’ve spent a lot of my days in the shadows.

Dying and sobbing

while my unhappiness eats away at my core.

I’m a sucker for anything that gets me high.

But I’ve learned drugs don’t always 

come in the form of powder and rock.

Mine was made of skin and flesh.

Little girl blue,

Little girl rehabilitating,

The girl with the long face.

That little girl doesn’t need a hand anymore.

I’m a woman now.

This woman is strong.

This woman is tough.

This woman has wings sprouting from her back.

This woman is me and 

I’m an angel in my own right.

I can’t believe I let others tell me

 I wasn’t worthy of salvation in the form of peace.

I can’t believe I believed them.

There is power in my stride.

Maybe they knew my strength.

Maybe they knew what damage

 I could do if I possessed it.

Little girl blue,

Little girl with the nappy hair

Little girl recovering.

That little girl has found a home.

Not in another being.

Not a place.

Not an object.

Home within me.

Little girl blue,

Your unhappiness has been cured

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