Love Your Love

Love Your Love

Written By: ABEYUKA.

Art by: ABEYUKA. 

Love takes various forms. There’s mother’s love, family love, romantic love, friendship love, self-love, and more. Only those who love can survive.

I am a Japanese artist/painter. I’ve been based in New York since 2015. New York is fascinating but tough for artists. Achieving my goals is harder than I expected. Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to break, but there is always someone to give me help or love. I am always thankful for that. 

You don’t need to have every form of love in your life. Just one is enough. 

People are strong when they are loved. When you have love, you have strength. Suddenly your life is full. People who are loved and who know how to give love are unafraid of being themselves.

Since last year, we have been living with the pandemic. It changed our lives completely. Many people lost their love. The world was filled with grief. When the pandemic is over, our reality will no longer be the same. Being alive will make every day more special. The pandemic made us think deeply about the importance of life, and perhaps how we should spend the rest of our lives. 

We learned a lot. Life is short. Love your love. 

We are living in a harsh reality, but we can try staying positive because our love strengthens us.