Not Picture Perfect

Not Picture Perfect

By: Khadija Sharifi

None of these look good.

I should have posed better.

I should have looked better.

If I brighten, or increase the saturation,

Maybe now one of these could work..

The more I look at it the more I hate it,

Am I the only one with tired eyes,

And textured skin?

Just post and throw your phone.

Wow, likes already!

I can’t stop refreshing.

Wait, why did they stop?

Why do I care?

Did he like it?

No, but he liked hers.

Why does my stomach hurt?

Is her body real,

Or did she edit?

Does it even matter?

Does everyone think I’m a loser?

I’m not happy like them

Or successful like them

I’m not a model like them

Or rich like them

Why did I even bother posting?

I’m not perfect like them.