By: Alan Valdez

Sunbathed leaves on fruitful trees

Close my eyes with every bite

Embracing the mint breeze

Running to me; away from sand and sea

More fruit; more want for mental imagery

Day by day worry free

On the beach; The blue gazing back at me

Secrets from views beyond

Sea you hold them silently


I lit trees and gathered rocks

Birds above, fish under sea;

Go for help, I plea

I want the world and all its luxury

Someone, someone come save me


Joy, oh joy I jump in glee

Making way; straight to shore

A beast splitting water comfortably

A wooden boat, I hope it floats…

I walked on jittery 

Big blue it’s been three weeks

You have surrounded me

Blue as far as the eye can see

Sunbathed leaves on fruitful trees

How I miss the days and breeze

Trees turned to ash

Beautiful paradise; now just a memory