Written By: Shanesse Wong 

Art By: Shanesse Wong

I cannot guarantee that in this world, 

my body will receive you  

with the openness I often beg for. 

It has kept me safe all these years, 

A haven carved from necessity in this soft flesh.  


There shall be glimpses in the cracks that form, 

great canyons of potential 

and I shall let myself love in all the ways I know how. 

I will remind you that you are not merely the wandering severed half of my soul But the whole I choose to dance with every single time. 

When I reach for you, 

My fingers will lithe upon your frame 

Whisper that your emotions, no matter how strange, 

Will always be safe within me. 

I will peer into your abyss 

There lies all the parts you’ve desperately tried to sink. 

Swirling in inky ponds  

Ready to overflow in due time. 

When they do, 

I hope you allow my hands to undress them with you whenever you ask. My understanding of you will be ever growing  

Evolving as we have done,  

Growing in, 

Limbs entangling with chaotic delicacy. 

My body shall fold over yours  

Where we intersect the world shall never know. 

Yet I will declare unceremoniously to whoever will listen  

Mouth upturned and head thrown back; 

I can promise to choose you  

In every timeline, 

In every universe, 

With every new vessel 

and every new mind.