Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

By: Khadija Sharifi

Right now, the weather is getting warmer, and I’ve finally started thawing out of my seasonal depression. The sunshine is making me feel much more energized! I feel like I have enough energy to, dare I say, spring clean! I couldn’t even help myself. My arms began gravitating under my bed on their own as I finally dug up the stash of spider web-covered Amazon boxes from their cave. I even discovered old Apple boxes as if I was seriously going to return an iPhone 5. Why do I always keep those? And then, like clockwork, the next stop was the makeup drawer. I was throwing out junk like mascara that I know has been opened longer than its two-year shelf life suggests. Then, finally, the dreaded closet. I don’t know if it’s the age I’m in or the climate, but instead of just getting rid of clothes that no longer work for me, I’m much more inspired to try to give them a second life by doing some DIY projects. 

Spring DIY Projects

Many of us already know about cutting or cropping old t-shirts from doing so in high school, and we also got more familiar with tie-dying and bleach tie-dying last summer thanks to TikTok. Although some may say that those trends are already out of style, I’ve seen some cool ways people use those old techniques to revamp their wardrobes. I had to try on my old clothes. I started by cutting my old battered joggers and making them into today’s trendy sweat shorts. I love this idea. Now I have many comfy shorts I didn’t have to pay for! 

I was also going to toss one of my old bleach-stained sweatshirts, but then I decided to bleach dye the whole sweatshirt to make the stain blend in, and although this isn’t a very new idea, it did the trick! I also like the way it gives my faded black sweats a second shot. Another way to use bleach to revamp is with a paintbrush. You can get a more precise design using only household items! And if you want to add an extra step, fabric paint can be used to make a fully customized piece of wearable art!

Although not all of my attempts at revamping my wardrobe myself have been successful, it was definitely worth a try because some of them did come out great, and it feels extra special wearing a one-of-a-kind piece I made myself this spring! So try it yourself and see how it goes!

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