Strength in Home Cooking

Strength in Home Cooking

By Alan Valdez

Imagine completing a task that fills you with just as much satisfaction as what you produce. That task is home cooking.

The importance of home cooking, when mastered, is a strength with many benefits. You quickly become invested in your health, and nutritional facts become more than just big letters on the side of the box. When looking for different ingredients, your trips to the grocery store give you an awareness of what’s in your food and how it makes you feel. Suddenly, you have more money for trips and nights out with friends because you haven’t spent much on takeout and junk. Before you know it, your quality of life has risen, you feel lighter, and you enjoy learning and trying new recipes. 

Nutritional Benefits

If you are trying to lose weight or have a diet change, home cooking is a leap forward to getting fit and healthy and improving your quality of life. You will be more aware of your portions while developing healthy eating habits. The Public Health Nutrition department at Harvard studied approximately 9,000 people; the study showed that someone who cooks once a week consumes an average of 2,300 calories daily. They consumed around 84 grams of fat and 135 grams of sugar. Simultaneously, someone who cooks regularly consumes 150 fewer calories a day and only 81 grams of fat and 119 grams of sugar. People who do not cook regularly are more likely to miss the core food groups like fruits and vegetables and are less likely to consume fish. 

In 2017, the Biomedical Central studied and tracked people with specific diets. Most results have shown that people who cook at home have a higher level of vitamin C, which can be very beneficial to keeping a healthy immune system. 

Pre-Made/Easy to Cook

Now, imagine this: your favorite go-to take out spot has been temporarily closed due to the pandemic. You can’t find or trust new restaurants, so now you find yourself in the grocery store. Whether you can cook from scratch or heat a quick and easy meal in the microwave or on a pan, cooking at home makes it a lot easier for you to avoid anything you or loved ones may be allergic to. 

There are many brands and different products you can quickly and easily make at home.

  • Perdue Farms and Tyson are constant competitors, reliable for their there variety of frozen options.

  • Dr. Praegers is a vegan-friendly, meatless brand. Dr. Praegers has a significant selection from breakfast to dinner, also kid-friendly options like Lightly Breaded Fishies or Spinach Littles that come in different fun shapes.

  • Gardein is another brand for meatless meats that provide consumers with recipe ideas.

  • Beyond Meat’s meatless meats contain rich ingredients. You can find peas, beans, and rice in their products.

Mental Health Benefits

Home cooking can also be therapeutic for the mind and leads to positive mental health. There is a growing awareness of the therapeutic benefits of home cooking. 

  • Home cooking boosts creativity. 

  • It is a stress reliever.

  • It is a great way to fight depression and anxiety. 

  • It helps you learn more about yourself. 

Economic Benefits

Everyone wants to save money. Cooking at home is a helpful way to save. Forbes analyzed data provided by Wellios, a platform that helps their customers find healthy recipes and sends the ingredients to them from their local grocery store. Forbes noticed customers who buy takeout spend five times as much as a person cooking at home. They checked their 86 most used recipes and compared them to the restaurant prices. If you decide to recreate Cheesecake Factory’s Broccoli Alfredo at home, you will save 80 to 90% per serving. If you are in a situation where you have plans and would like to save, the first change you can make to strengthen and improve your budget plan is to start cooking at home. 

Cooking at home is something everyone can learn, so why not learn today.   


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