Where I am from

Where I am from 

By: Patricia A. Pierre

I am from la Perle des Antilles

Where the sun’s rays dance like

Diamonds over crystal blue water.

I am from the land of high mountains

Like the hopes atop I stand reaching towards the sky.

“I am from Quisqueya, Mother of all Lands”

Inspiring the Fanm Djanm who wield their matches to protect their children. 

I am from the land of roosters crowing before dawn ushering in the aroma of freshly brewed ground coffee and homemade biscuits.

I am from Rara

Where My hips sway to the pulse of African drums.

And I dance with the spirit of my ancestors

heels beat against the ground stirring the restless heads of the rebels.

I am from the iconic Citadel Laferriѐre

Sculpted by the hands of our founding fathers

She stretches across our highest mountain

As the symbol of our people’s strength and longevity