You’re Enough

You’re Enough… The Series

By: Raf

Just because someone couldn’t understand

your worth or couldn’t appreciate the value

you brought to the table or jus because

things didn’t go in your favor… it does not

mean that you weren’t enough.

It is human to think that you

are not enough. It really is.

But you were and you are…

most certainly enough.


Give yourself a chance at love

Let yourself be the lover

& see where it takes you


Let’s fill our silences with comfort

and understanding… Just so they

don’t stare to mean the end of us.

Many have fallen victims to this.

Let us, you and I, be better.


New good memories may

help you forget old bad ones,

You can try and find some.

Or better yet…

go and make some.


In the midst of all this isolation

I hope instead of feeling lonely

You come closer to your loved ones

Maybe even to your own self


I hope everything becomes better

than what it used to be before.

I hope the sky is a little bluer,

words a little gentler

& hearts a little kinder.


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