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Mitral valve repair is a surgical procedure performed to either fix or replace a leaky or stiff mitral valve in the heart. The mitral valve is present between the top and bottom left heart chambers (left atrium and left ventricle). Mitral valve repair surgery may be done as an open-heart surgery involving the making of a single large cut in the chest to expose the heart or as a minimally invasive (keyhole) heart surgery by making a few small incisions.A person who has a calcified, hardened, or loose mitral valve that causes a backward flow of blood or little passing of blood through the valve can opt for mitral valve repair surgery. Avail the benefits of Mitral Valve Repair in India at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, located at Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. The Mitral Valve Repair surgery is performed by the best heart specialist and surgeon Dr. Sujay Shad. He is known as the best heart surgeon and specializes in performing lifesaving heart surgeries like Heart Transplants, Coronary Bypasses, HOCM, Aortic Surgery, and Mitral Valve surgery. To know more consult today! Visit: Mitral Valve Repair Surgery: Procedure & Techniques

Dr. Sujay Shad

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